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Pata Negra House

opening hours

9:30 – 20:30 Mon – Thu
9:30 – 21:00 Fri
9:30 – 21:00 Sat, Sun and Public Holidays


Established in Hong Kong in 2006, Pata Negra House is a critically acclaimed Spanish food specialist known for its curation of unique Iberico hams, premium cold-cuts and cheeses, and favouring independent and artisanal producers.

Sharing with you our passion for Spain, our Delicatessen & Iberico Bar concept introduces a healthy Mediterranean breakfast and snacking alternative to Hong Kong, serving iconic staples of Spanish cuisine from cold gazpacho and freshly-pressed orange juice to the world famous Jamon bocadillo sandwich.

Serving only our favourite and freshest ingredients, we hope to bring a touch of Spanish sunshine to your daily life.

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