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Cuisine Cuisine


Situated in ifc mall, a prominent landmark of Hong Kong, Cuisine Cuisine is the best place for a classy and elegant Chinese dining experience. The culinary master of Cuisine Cuisine ifc impresses with an exquisite selection of traditional Cantonese cuisine that emphasizes on balanced flavors and healthy options, served along with a curated collections of international wines and impeccable service. With a spacious and elegant setting offering the magnificent views of Victoria Harbour, Cuisine Cuisine is the best place for viewing festive fireworks displays and the daily light show “A Symphony of Lights”.

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signature dishes
Suckling Pig with Foie Gras and Crispy Rice

Sautéed Crystal King Prawn

Cuisine Cuisine offers the best quality of Chinese food, and I have yet to find a better Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong.

Mr. Giles – Recently moved to Hong Kong with family
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