Contactless Parking

Registered Members of Contactless Parking Service can enjoy Contactless Parking Privileges via the App at ifc mall. Contactless Parking Privileges for Members include:

Redemption of complimentary parking hours by using ifc Points

This redemption is only applicable via the App to each Member Account with 3,000 / 4,000 or above ifc Points for Weekdays and Weekends respectively. A Member or his/her Affiliated Member may redeem different parking hours listed in the table below on a first come, first served basis unless the daily quota has been reached by either party depending on the corresponding Membership Tier and the accumulated ifc Points balance recorded on the App during the calendar year. Members will not be eligible for redemption of complimentary parking hours by ifc Points outside of using the App.

Membership TierLifetime / Black MemberPlatinum MemberGold / Purple / Green Member
Parking hours redeemable by using ifc Points (daily quota)3 hours daily2 hours daily1 hour daily
ifc Points required on Weekdays (Mondays – Fridays)3,000 ifc Points per hour
ifc Points required on Weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) and Public Holidays4,000 ifc Points per hour

Daily Complimentary Membership Parking

This redemption is available during the effective CLUB ic Membership period. A Lifetime Member or Black Member can redeem a single 3-hour same-day ifc complimentary parking per day, and a Platinum Member can redeem a single 2-hour same-day ifc complimentary parking per day (hereinafter called “Parking Hours”). Affiliated Members may redeem Daily Complimentary Membership Parking in the account of the Member who nominates him/her. The Daily Complimentary Membership Parking is only available to vehicles travelling by the Member and his/her Affiliated Member. A Member can redeem his/her Daily Complimentary Membership Parking via the App every day or at ifc mall Concierge on Podium Level 1 (one near Shop 1033 and another one near Shop 1090) during 09:00 – 24:00 with a valid e-Membership Card. Any redemption request for Daily Complimentary Membership Parking at ifc mall Concierge beyond the stated hours will not be entertained. Each Member Account may only redeem Daily Complimentary Membership Parking once per day, by a Member or his/her Affiliated Member. Any updates to the Parking Hours of Daily Complimentary Membership Parking due to upgrade/ renewal of Membership level will be reviewed daily and reflected on the next day based on the accumulated ifc Points required for upgrade in the same calendar year.

Membership TierLifetime / Black MemberPlatinum Member
Complimentary Parking hours3 hours daily2 hours daily

Steps for redemption

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to ifc website for details.