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This Spring, ifc mall is ringing in an auspicious Chinese New Year with its “Garden of Auspicious Delights” installation, featuring an elegant profusion of blossoming flowers and dancing butterflies to bring blessings, prosperity and good fortune to everyone.

Immerse yourself in this installation in full bloom, and use the digital initiatives to share your warmest blessings and festive joy with family and friends!
LocationOval Atrium, Podium Level 1, ifc mall
Period10.1.2023 — 5.2.2023
Time10:30 — 21:00
Garden of
Auspicious Delights
ifc mall is proudly launching its “Garden of Auspicious Delights” Chinese New Year Installation, paying homage to the beauty of blossoming flowers in springtime. Oval Atrium has transformed into the vibrant garden full of charming Chinese New Year flowers which are the tokens of prosperity, auspiciousness, luck and great happenings, offering visitors of all ages an invigorating breath of springtime air!
Fluid Blessings
Try your hand at creating fluid art with ifc mall’s “Fluid Blessings” digital experience, transforming traditional fluid art into an online blessing to your loved ones!
  • 1Enter your name
    and email address
    to start
  • 2Select a CNY
    blessing message
    for your fluid art
  • 3Create your fluid
    art on the screen
  • 4Download and share
    your fluid art
Bedazzling Butterfly
Instagram AR Filter
ifc mall is excited to debut its “Bedazzling Butterfly Instagram AR Filter” so you can send your festive blessings on the fluttering wings of elegant butterflies.
Rewards Redemption
Become a CLUB ic member* and spend HK$3,000 or above by electronic payment on the same day to receive a Pierre Hermé Paris Assorted Cookies Box with one set of Lai See Packets, as well as the following fabulous rewards, while stocks last@.
Same-day Spending

(Max.2 receipts by electronics payment)
e-Gift Vouchers&^Conditional e-Gift Vouchers&^BEYORG Gift Set
Additional e-Gift Vouchers
for Citi Credit Card or Debit Card cardholders#
Citi The Club Credit CardOther Citi Credit Card or Debit Card
HK$3,000+A.O.R Organic Sheet MaskHK$150HK$100
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HK$25,000+HK$600HK$1,200A.O.R Moisturizing Organic Skincare Set
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Register as a CLUB ic member for free if you are not a member yet. Directly register via the “Spending Registration” page on the date of purchase. Upon verification, ifc e-Gift Voucher(s) and/ or Gift Voucher(s) will be pushed to the member’s account within 3 days inclusive of the registration date.

Rewards for Citi Credit Card or Debit Card cardholders must be redeemed at the Gift Redemption Counter on Podium Level 2.

Redemption in mallGift Redemption CounterNext to CHANEL Shoes (Shop 2082), Podium Level 2
10:00 – 21:30
CLUB ic Lobby (for CLUB ic Gold or above Members only)U2, One International Finance Centre
10:00 – 20:00
  1. @Spending in Apple Store is not eligible. Each eligible member is entitled to one redemption per day. Terms and Conditions apply. For details, please refer to here.
  2. *Terms and Conditions apply. For details, please refer to the CLUB ic website: ifc.com.hk/clubic.
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