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Panino Giusto


Panino Giusto represents the Panino Italiano with a selection of excellent ingredients between two slices of bread. Founded in Milan in 1979, Panino Giusto represents the Italian identity thanks to the selection of top quality ingredients used to prepare the Panino, the attention to service and products design. With its selection of the finest prosciutto, truffles, mozzarella and Parmigiano Reggiano, Panino Giusto is the place to be for a fresh, stylish and healthy lunch, aperitivo or coffee break.

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signature dishes
Tartufo (Parma ham, Brie, tomato, rocket, Alba truffle oil)
MILANO 2015 (24 month Parma ham, Romaine, artichoke cream, Parmigiano Reggiano cream, Balsamic vinegar flakes, rocket, black pepper)
Madras (Roasted turkey breast, baby spinach, tomato, toasted almonds, black rice and Madras curry mayonnaise)
Toast della casa (Ham, tuna, Edamer, tomato, tartar sauce)

The authentic Italian panino in town! Mamma mia!

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