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This former fashion editor now jets around the world visiting wellness resorts – we get a peek at a life well-travelled


If you follow Vivienne Tang on Instagram, you'd probably be jealous of her. Her feed is an endless grid of blue skies and bluer waters, resorts and retreats in places you've always dreamed of going. The founder of Destination Deluxe, a wellness and travel online magazine, she's on the front line of the wellness industry, quick to try all the latest trends and innovations (as well as all the ancient healing modalities that are now so very in fashion).

What does beauty mean to you? 

Being comfortable in your own skin. I believe people who are happy being who they are radiate true beauty.

What is your typical daily beauty routine?

My beauty routine is short and fast. I don't spend a huge number of hours slathering on new skincare products. But I do swear by a good toner and serum. I also exfoliate once a week.

 Wellness has always played a big part in your life, even before it was trendy. How did you get into this lifestyle?

I received my first reiki session when I was 16, and it marked the beginning of a long wellness journey. I had many questions about life...the universe, and over the years, many of those questions were answered. But I also understand that this spiritual/wellness path is never-ending. Once you get on it, the universe will keep creating learning curves for you, and you will always continue to work on yourself.

How did getting into wellness improve your mental health, mind and soul?

My daily meditation practice keeps me sane and calm, and it is always my number-one recommendation when people ask me for wellness tips. Practicing meditation will help you to understand yourself better, which means you will start to understand everything and everyone around you much better as well.


What is your approach to fitness and diet?

I’ve tried many different diets over the years. Of course, I try to eat as healthy as possible. But today, I eat everything I want. I believe in moderation as opposed to abstaining from certain foods. I did stop eating meat a few years ago, and feel much better for it on a conscious level. Luckily I've never really craved meat.

In terms of fitness, I’m all about strengthening these days. I’m already quite flexible, so yoga isn't really ideal for me. Obviously yoga has numerous health benefits, but for a great physique, I do barre and weight training. If I’m travelling or can't get to a studio/gym, I follow a HIIT workout routine at home, which I can also do in any hotel room. I also bring my power band wherever I go.


Your company is multi-faceted in terms of type of work – what is the company's focus and what ties everything together?

Destination Deluxe is a wellness and travel magazine and booking portal, a go-to wellbeing bible for the global nomad. We hand-pick luxury resorts and hotels in sought-after destinations, retreats and spas from around the world. We also feature a selection of beauty products, health and fitness tips, and a range of holistic practices, allowing people to become the best version of themselves. With unrivalled experience in retreats and resorts across the globe, we review and propose places and practices based on first-hand experience, consistently adding new gems to our vast collection of lifestyle recommendations. We seek out some of the smartest ways to help people rejuvenate, reconnect with themselves, relax and improve their wellbeing.


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How does traveling enrich your life?

Travelling and being exposed to other cultures constantly forces you to look at things from a different perspective. It keeps you open-minded and young at heart.


Where are some of your favourite places to travel?

I’m still madly in love with Raja Ampat in Indonesia. It's a protected area, so there is no fishing allowed there. As you can imagine, the biodiversity is out of this world. It's an underwater paradise. I truly hope that they will be able to deal with the growing tourism in a healthy manner, without falling into the same trap as some other Asian destinations did. Also, I’m glad that many of the local communities have realised that protecting their natural habitat, and using tourism as a source of income, is far better than succumbing to the shark fin trade and other illegal exploitations of their natural environment.

As for future destinations, the Leuser Ecosystem in the Indonesia rainforest is big on my list. It's one of the few places where tigers, rhinos, orangutans, and elephants still coexist. It spans 2.6 million hectares. It probably won't exist in a few years if we don't find a replacement for palm oil soon.


Before you worked in wellness you were a fashion editor. What do you see as the differences and similarities in terms of the two industries?

What I love about fashion is its creative aspect, the ability to use it as a form of self-expression. In a way, wellness is very much about that too. People are happiest when they can express themselves freely without having to conform to certain norms and when they can love that part about themselves, no matter how weird it may be.

However, the day-to-day reality of the fashion industry is that it is also very superficial. I left fashion because I was seeking a deeper meaning in the things I do and the connections I have. But obviously, I still love its beauty factor.

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